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When Pressed by Life’s Circumstances, Trust the Loving Savior’s Promises

The Gemcutter is meticulous
At His craft.
He has been the Master Craftsman
As far into His past as He can see:

An eternity.

He sees the rough stones
And takes a risk,
Because He beholds
What others cannot see.

Walking in the cool, crispness of the morning,
The sunrise radiates brushstrokes of brilliance,
Full of warmth and color.
The pine tree’s fragrance fills the air,
While Aspens glow in the sunbeams
Low on the horizon.

He stumbles upon a treasure.
Splendid and majestic.
Apprehending its value
As He observes its brilliance,
Despite its roughness,
He carefully cradles it,

For He knows its rarity.


There is a familiarity in this stone.
As He looks intently
into the stone’s depths,
He sees hints of His reflection.

His step quickens as He whisks away His treasure
For His Father to see.
He loves sharing a rare find.
The smile on their faces:
As priceless as the gem.

He begins the slow process.
Taking great care, He works meticulously.
He cuts and polishes,
Only to reveal more glory than before,
Yet it came not as a surprise,
For He knows this one


Gentle and tender,
He is well aware the process
Can be hard on the delicate gem.
But He knows,
In His infinite wisdom,
That the process,
Though painful at times,
Will bring much glory and honor in His Kingdom.

The Gemcutter is aware of the cost…
But He fully comprehends the reward.
Far more than the gem knows its own significance,

He perceives its worth—priceless.

The gem sometimes falters
Under the firmness of the chisel,
But the wise Gemcutter,
Knows the precise cut,
The delicate detail,
That will bring forth radiance.
Oh, the sheer delight
Of beholding the finished work.

“There”, says He,
With a look of accomplishment
Few can interpret.

“Come Father, behold the work of My hands.”

“Yes, Son,
This one is a rare creation.
Something to display
In a place of honor—
The place for which it was created.
It will be a display of Your splendor.”

The Son humbly bowed
Before His Father,
As Father delicately placed
The gem of great price
In the place for which it was designed
Since before creation…

On the crown upon His brow.

The crown was once not so lovely,
But twisted and painful.
It was exchanged after great sorrow,
For the Crown of Kingship.

The beautiful gem
Was granted the most esteemed of all places
To be situated…

Upon the brow of her sweet Savior

The Son was most pleased,
Her radiance shone like the stars.
She was His treasure of great worth,
His priceless creation.
His crafting was complete
His work—finished.

And the consequence was more glorious
Than any could’ve imagined or dreamed.
She was His,
And she shone with all the radiance
Of belonging.

She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10b

For my Mom. On 6/21/23; she departed for the Kingdom and her King.

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