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A Prayer for Mothers in Every Season

Heavenly Father,
I lift up Your precious creation: Mothers,
As the beautiful possession
You tenderly love.

She belongs to You,
Represents You,
In the very essence of her being.


Thank you for her spirit—fierce and faithful.
Seeking you in the quiet of her soul
On behalf of her family,
and those around her.

Protect her from cultural storms:
Winds whispering deception;
Heavy rains drowning out Your voice.
Darkened days—oppressive and empty.
Bring her through each valley,
To the table You prepared for her:
A feast fit for a Queen.

Thank you for her heart,
Carefully formed in Your gentle hands,
Fashioned for a perfect fit:
Tender, compassionate and longsuffering.
A beautiful place for You to dwell.

Protect it when she’s weary or afraid.
Bring her to still waters and quiet pastures,
So she may drink deeply
Of your eternal goodness and mercy,
Finding rest for her soul.

Thank you for her mind:
Capable, intelligent,
Full of wisdom and truth,
Born of a reverence
and deep desire to know You.

Protect it from worrisome, anxious thoughts,
Choking out truth like thorny brambles.
Help her meditate on Your goodness and beauty,
To keep her steadfast and focused on You.

Thank you for her hands,
Gentle yet strong.
Hands to comfort and to hold,
Wipe tears and clean up messes.

You gave her feet to stand firm,
In the full armor of God;
To run and not grow weary,
To walk and not faint.
And when she aches with fatigue,
Wrap her in Your grace.

Thank you for her lips,
To utter skillful and godly wisdom,
Speaking truth filled with love,
To carefully guide her children,
In the counsel of the Lord.

When she has nothing left to offer,
No counsel nor strength,
No comfort to share,
Encourage and equip her.
So she can feed her family
The soul-nourishing Words of life.

And do her only good
As long as her feet hit the floor.
Give her the strength to rise each day
In Your power and grace,
Embracing her mission in faith and fortitude.

Grant her wisdom
to consider her ways,
discerning when to say yes,
And when to say no.
And the steadfastness to stand firm
In her answer.

Keep her lamp burning,
In seasons of plenty and need.
Keep fear from consuming her,
And grant what she needs
To provide for her family.

Clothe her in strength and dignity,
And make her position strong and secure.
May she look well
To the ways of her household,

May her children rise up
And call her blessed,
And her family praise her, saying,

Many daughters have done virtuously and well, with strength of character and steadfastness in goodness. But you excel them all.” Prov.31:29

May she know in her heart,
That charm is deceptive
And beauty is vain,
But a woman who fears the Lord
Will be praised.
Bless the fruit of her hands
And let her own works praise her!

She is clothed with strength and honor, and she can laugh at the days ahead. Prov.31:25

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