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When You Just Can’t, God Will

A hurricane is barreling toward the Gulf Coast, and life seems caught up in its swirling chaos. I’m not talking about the eye, the hurricane’s center where winds reach only 10-15 mph, and it’s sunny and calm. I’m speaking of the adjacent eyewall—the area of strongest winds—bringing intense thunderstorms and heavy rain. 

Have you been ravaged by heavy winds, rains, and storms lately? Maybe it’s the season of life you’re in: babies and toddlers demanding all your physical attention; teens saping all your emotional energy, a home too quiet and lonely, ongoing conflict with no end in sight, or aging parents draining all your resources? 

When we just can’t, I must believe God Will.  So, no matter where you find yourself, I offer my most valuable resource: expressions of care and concern to Jesus on your behalf—a prayer for you in your time of need. 

Triune God,
Three in One,
Creator of Creation,
Divine Love,

Do you hear them?
Your people crying out for rescue,
Asking for help,
Waiting for answers,
Seeking your aid.

Do not delay, Divine Lover.
Listen for their heart beating,
Anxiously, fretfully,
Overwhelmed by concerns and circumstances.
Waves battering their lifeboat.
Soul capsized, dashed upon the rocks.

Lend your ear;
Hear their lament.
Look tenderly upon them,
With compassion and gracious love.
Generously pour out your Spirit,
Full of wisdom, discernment, and grace.

Rescue your beloved.
Answer their call;
Save them by your power.
Scoop them up in your mighty arms.
Carry them the distance.
Walking and talking with them,
Step by step.
Provide rest and peace.
Renew hope lost.

Silence, God Will

Whisper of your tender mercies,
And incomparable love.
Show them your glory.
Expose your goodness.
Show off your beauty;
Ring loud your truth.
On earth as it is in heaven.

Set them free.
Empowered to discover
The great magnitude
Of your astonishing love
In all its dimensions.

How deeply intimate
And far-reaching is your love.
How enduring and inclusive it is!

May your extravagant,
Red-hot, passionate love
Pour into their weary, broken soul.
Bring light and healing,
To the dark and crushed places.
Expose sin and pain to truth.

Deep calls to deep.
Gently minister to—
The lonely,
The forgotten,
The hurt,
The bored,
The tired,
The discontented,
And the disillusioned.

Fill them to overflowing,
With the fullness of your love.
May they never doubt
Your mighty power
To accomplish all this!

Outdo them all, Triune Lover.

May your miraculous power: 







Bring ’round,
Make well, healthy, and whole.

Do it, Divine Trinity;
Only you can.
For your Kingdom, glory, and their good. Amen!

(Portions loosely based on Eph. 3:17-19)

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